HOCO GM3 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Controller Foldable Ergonomic Gamepad

Best PC gamepad 2020

The selection of PC gamepads is enormous. While different kinds of gamepads appeal to different gamers, certain things unite them all. One can’t play video games without a good controller. Some users can use a mouse and keyboard for some games. Yet, the best solution is a dedicated controller.

Take a look at the design and extra capabilities. The latter may include extra buttons, wireless connectivity, etc. Some gamepads come in unique shapes and styled as retro or super modern. Choosing the best PC gamepad, a user should account for its weight and avoid choosing very heavy models. Lighter options are likely to be less tiresome.

Aside from that, a user may pick and buy PC gamepad that fits their budget. Bot prices and functionality range a lot to help everyone get the most suitable solution.

Read the description of the preferred model attentively as they describe all the features and compatibility details. The most popular models offer a plug-and-play feature, ergonomic design, and user-friendly experience. In case you use wires to connect the PC gamepad, it’s important to account for its length and make sure it’ll be enough.

Another important fact is to learn more about compatibility. The models you’ll see below work with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Switch, and Mac OS.

There are countless options and different gamepads to pick from. We suggest you order PC gamepad from the top 10 options below. They are all affordable and different to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

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Overview PC gamepad

Ipega PG-9118 Wireless Console Bluetooth Gamepad Controller Mobile Trigger Joystick for Android IOS
– Specially for “PUBG: Stimulating the Battlefield”, “Arena of Valor”, “Wilderness Action” and other hand games design, that is, plug and play, without complex settings, without the installation of apps.
– It has the function of key-press continuous Turbo, and can change the direction key design.
– A/B/X/Y function key-band dazzles with colorful backlight. L2/R2 function is analog function, which makes the game precise and controllable.
Applicable devices: Android smartphone/tablet/for iPhone/for iPad, Windows PC
Product size: 18147cm/7.085.512.75”

Support plug and play.
Support PC USB 2.0/1.1/1.0
12 fire button 4 axis.
Support double shock.
USB game pad for use with PC windows 98/ME/2000/XP/WIN 7/ VISTA/WIN 8
Support direct 7.0 and up.
Ergonomic shape for comfort during play.

Color Black, White
Weight approx. 208g
Size approx. 15511050mm/6.14.331.96”

Item type: Bluetooth Gamepad
– Through Bluetooth, the handle connects to the host for switch. Connecting to PC host through USB cable in shutdown state, realizes the function of X_input and D_input mode.
– Handle operation: For the first time, press the HOME key for 3 seconds to boot up and enter the pairing. The LED 1-4 flash indicates that the pairing is successful. The corresponding channel lamp allocated by the Switch host is long bright.
– Connect again and press the HOME key to boot and enter the link back. The LED 1-4 flashes slowly, indicating the success of matching. The corresponding channel lamp allocated by the host is long bright.
– Key Composition.
– Motor function: Handle with dual motor function.
– Charging: When the handle is turned off, when the handle is inserted into the adapter, the LED 1-4 flickers, and when it is full charged, the LED 1-4 goes out. When the handle is on-line, when the handle is inserted into the USB, the corresponding channel lamp flashes slowly, after fully charged and long bright.
– Low power alarm: When the battery voltage of the handle is less than 3.6V (according to the principle of battery characteristics), the corresponding channel lamp flashes slowly, indicating that the handle is low-power and needs charging.
– Shutdown: When the handle is on, press the HOME key for 5 seconds and the handle enters the shutdown. When the handle is on-line, it shuts down automatically without any key operation in 10 minutes.
– Upgrading: The handle can be upgraded directly without driving USB.
– Receiving distance: The acceptance distance of the handle can reach 8-10m, depending on the environment.
Battery capacity: 500 mAh
Charging time: 2.5 hours

First, the function introduction
– This product is a new function wired game controller, compatible with different platforms of Switch host and PCwindows.
– Use on the Switch host without loading any driver. The handle can be used after pairing with the host.
– Use wired connection on PC computer windows system to be perfectly compatible with windows platform.
– The handle USB cable is 2.2 meters long and has anti-interference real magnetic ring. When connecting the game, it makes you control more comfortable, and the connection signal between the handle and the host is more stable.
– Ergonomic design and light handle structure, the handle feels comfortable, even if the player continues to play the game for a few hours will not feel tired.
Second, the handle connection guide
– Connect to the Switch host
– Insert the game card into the host and start the Switch host.
– Fix the main unit into the base, and connect the main unit to the display device.
– Insert the USB cable plug of the handle into the USB port on the side of the base of the host. The handle is connected to the host. The LED in the navigation button is always on. When the L+R button is pressed, press the LB+RB button while holding the handle. , then press A to confirm and the handle is ready for use.
– Connect PC
Insert the handle USB cable plug into the USB port of the computer. When the computer display driver has been installed, the LED in the HOME button of the handle is always on and the handle can be used.


Supports Pc Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Play Station 3/ Android Tv Box/ Android Smartphone (Need Otg Function). Note: Don’T Support Android 7.0 Or Above/Ps4/Xbox One/ Xbox 360/Mac/Ios.Compatible With Steam Games, Raspberry Pi, X-Input/D-Input Games.Dual Vibration Game Experience In Pc Games. Don’T Support On Android Smartphone.Analogue Sticks Have 360-Degree Positioning Of Ultra-Accuracy; Floating D-Pad Is Designed To Fit Your Fingersly.
Plug And Play, No Need To Install The Driver On Windows Pc, Multiple Platform Gamepad For Your Device.G3W Usb Wired Game Co Oller
Adopts A 32-Bit Mcu Chip, Computing Capability Is Up To 48 Million Times Per Second That Stands For Its High Sensitivity And Accuracy In Overall Performance.The Overall Button Layout Fully Conforms To Ergonomics, Making Operation Fluently And Efficiently.Rubber-Coated Textured Handles Provide A Comfortable Grip.Support Pc Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7, Games Should Support Xinput / Directinput Mode.
Support Play Station 3, Steam.
Support Android Smartphone(Android 4.0 – 6.0) , Tablet, Smart Tv, Tv Box (Android 7.0 Or Above Is Not Supported, And The Device Must Fully Support Otg Function)
Two-Meter Long Usb Cable For Connecting Your Device
Plug And Play, No Need To Install The Driver On Windows Pc, Multiple Platform Gamepad For Your Device
Physically Designed Buttons
– Floating D-Pad Makes It Easier To Discern Between The Eight Compass Points.
– Analog Joysticks Have 360-Degree Positioning Of Ultra-Accuracy.
– The Pressure Sensitivity Of R2/L2 Allows Players To Perceive The Press Depth Accurately, Making It Much Easier To Play Car Racing And Drifting Games.
Vibration Function
With Vibration Motors, Realistic Vibration Feedback Can Be Easily And Fully Experienced In Racing Games, Sports,Ing And Other Types Of Games.
Auto- Fire Turbo
The Turbo Function Will Create Continue Button Press And Release Your Fingers.
Select Your Desired Button And Turbo Key To Taking Action Especially Ining Games.
Turbo Function Enables To Have More Efficient Gaming Experience, Relieve Fatigue Of Your Hands, And Extend Durability.

100% brand new and high quality
Works exactly the same as the original for Nintendo N64 Controller
Precise 3D – Analog Stick
10 active buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions, and Z-trigger)
An analog control stick commands your action with precision, while the legendary D-pad offers a classic gaming feel
Extra long 6ft cable cord

Colour Black; Gray,Blue
Compatible with for Nintendo 64 N64 System

1. Support one or two players, play games, make you more happy with your children or friends, portable 8-bit video game console, built-in 600 classic games (game list can consult customer service)
2. The lines are smooth, the design is simple and generous, plug and play, with wireless controller, the wireless control range is up to 8 meters. Compared to the short-wired wired handle, the wireless handle avoids close proximity to the TV and is more effective in protecting your eyes. Mini host with wireless controller is the best choice for foreign trade cross-border products!
3. Packing size: 16.5*10*6cm
4. Exit the game: hold down the START+TB button at the same time

– Plug and play, convenient and fast, ergonomic design, easy to control, comfortable to use and free from fatigue
– High-quality conductive adhesive, good sensitivity and high sensitivity, let you be in the game world, the line length is 1.8M, it is very good to protect your eyes.
– Standard USB interface, support 1.0/2.0, compatible with computers and laptops
– Can be used in Win 2000/Win XP (SP2) system
– Two joysticks and numeric keys can be accurately positioned to achieve 360-degree control and feel comfortable
– Support analog/digital mode
– Double vibration feedback function

Support for XINPUT, DINPUT mode and Turbo functionality.
Compatible for Raspberry Pi, Windows, fit for Switch, for MacOS.

Wire length 1.8m/5.9ft
Material ABS
Switch Plug and Play
XINPUT (default) Just hold down X for the first time and insert
DINPUT Just press Y and insert it for the first time
Turbo Press and hold L + SELECT + (A, B, X, Y) to turn on/off this function (only for Turbo functions of A, B, X, Y)
Size 1376127mm/5.392.41.06”


Brand HOCO
Model GM3
Material Injection molding+PCB board
Charging Voltage and Current DC 5V 500 mA
Bluetooth Transmission Distance ≤8 m/26.25 ft
Battery Capacity 380 mA
Operating Current 8 mA
Operating Voltage DC 3.7 V
Product Size 165 X 110 X 55 mm/6.50 X 4.33 X 2.17”
Product Weight 175 g
Applicable Free retractable is suitable for 3.5-6.5 inch mobile phones

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