Switch Wired USB Controller Gamepad Joystick Joypad for PC Computer Laptop Game Black

Switch Wired USB Controller Gamepad Joystick Joypad for PC Computer Laptop Game Black

First, the function introduction

1. This product is a new function wired game controller, compatible with different platforms of Switch host and PCwindows.

2. Use on the Switch host without loading any driver. The handle can be used after pairing with the host.

3. Use wired connection on PC computer windows system to be perfectly compatible with windows platform.

4. The handle USB cable is 2.2 meters long and has anti-interference real magnetic ring. When connecting the game, it makes you control more comfortable, and the connection signal between the handle and the host is more stable.

5. Ergonomic design and light handle structure, the handle feels comfortable, even if the player continues to play the game for a few hours will not feel tired.

Second, the handle connection guide

1. Connect to the Switch host

1) Insert the game card into the host and start the Switch host.

2) Fix the main unit into the base, and connect the main unit to the display device.

3) Insert the USB cable plug of the handle into the USB port on the side of the base of the host. The handle is connected to the host. The LED in the navigation button is always on. When the L+R button is pressed, press the LB+RB button while holding the handle. , then press A to confirm and the handle is ready for use.

2. Connect PC

Insert the handle USB cable plug into the USB port of the computer. When the computer display driver has been installed, the LED in the HOME button of the handle is always on and the handle can be used.

Product type: Gamepads

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